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Where is all the new content?

21 Oct 2016, Posted by Niko in Uncategorized


In April 2013 I stopped updating DessertBuzz and started writing a dessert review column called Sugar Rush for Serious Eats NY. About a year and a half later Serious Eats retooled their website and began to publish longer, more in depth stories and trend pieces, such as Where to find the best Babka in NYC. You can find an archive of all my stories on Serious East here.

I also did a segment on NPR’s The Dinner Party Download about New York’s Next Generation Of Amazing Eclairs. You can listen to that segment on the link above.

In October 2016 I wrote my first piece for about recommended drink pairings for the desserts at Gramercy Tavern’s front room.

I’ll be serving as a judge at Valrhona’s C3 Pastry Competition at StarChefs International Chefs Congress on October 23-35, 2016.

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  • Sheri

    Enjoyed your piece on Gramercy Tavern! If I ever make it back to NYC I’m totally going to try the blueberry pie pairing. Or maybe the sundae/Charbay.

    I haven’t taken DessertBuzz off my feed, but I added you on IG (we met several years ago, I was a student at SFCS during Killed by Dessert). Been following the Brooks Headley trajectory ever since (and wondering how different the Superiority Burgers are to the veggie burger he served that night!).

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