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Hamentashen - still very popular even though they are out of season

I visited William Greenberg Desserts last week and I have to report that this bakery, open since 1942, is still as popular as ever.  It’s one of the few places I have visited that really feels like an old fashioned neighborhood bakery.   In the short time I was there, the super-friendly staff greeted a number of moms and their small children by name.  There were also older, neighborhood  regulars too.  I got the feeling some had been coming here for their favorite comfort baked good for many years.  It was a huge contrast to the feeling I get from in the bigger chains like Crumbs.  That experience is more like fast food–a bit cold.  Like nearby Martines Chocolates–William Greenberg gave off a very warm vibe and reminded me of the New York City I grew up in.

Black and white cookies (small $1.50, large $3.50) are one of the top sellers

Clearly, many locals visit William Greenberg for the black and white cookies, available in small and large and also in a variety of colors.  They often have a special flavor tied to a current event such as the Yankees being in the world series.

Chocolate Brownies ($3.00) individually wrapped

The brownies are also very popular.  They’re most, chocolaty and perfect for transporting since they’re individually wrapped.

Raspberry tart

Though I didn’t try some of the more fancy offerings, the raspberry tart and meringue tarts looked fantastic.

Schnecken (Pecan sticky buns -$2.00 small, $3.50 large)

The schnecken (aka pecan sticky buns) are also very popular with the locals.

Poppy Hamentashen

My favorite item at the bakery is definitely the hamentashen–I know it’s out of season–but I think it’s one of the best in the city–buttery and browned to perfection.  Available in many flavors (raspberry, prune, poppy, and apricot) and in small ($1.50) and large ($3.50) sizes.

William Greenberg Desserts is located at 1100 Madison Avenue (83rd).  They also have a new location in the Plaza Food Hall.  Their website is here.  Follow DessertBuzz on Twitter.

One Response to “William Greenberg Desserts UES still as popular as ever”

Thank you Niko for this amazing post, featuring the homemade treats from William Greensberg desserts. I am definitely making a bakery trip here this week, to try the brownies, pecan sticky buns and hamentashen!!

Thanks again, and Have a great day!

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