A Voce Crostata and other nice things about the Time Warner Center

Dessert from A Voce in the Time Warner Center

Had a really nice meal at A Voce tonight.  The 2 pasta dishes I tried lived up to the high expectations I walked in with (after reading so many glowing reviews).  I also had a great side dish of brussell sprouts.  Most importantly, I had a few of of the tasty house-recommended pineapple  cocktails and got quite drunk.  So take this review with a grain of salt as A Voce could have served me two lumps of coal with dish soap and I would have thought it tasted ok.

Perhaps it was due to my drunken-ness, maybe it was just poor judgement, but I broke one of the most sacred DessertBuzz rules tonight about always ordering the fried dessert).  Yes, one of the dessert options tonight was a  Bombolini with bittersweet chocolate but I took a pass and didn’t order it.  Instead, I got the Crostata with chocolate-caramel tart, fior di latte (a type of mozzarella) sorbetto and sea salt.  I’ll never know how good the deep-fried bombolini would have been but the crostata was excellent.

The tart had the whole salty sweet thing going on and it was easy to eat instead of being clumsy and hard cut into with a fork without the filling running out all over the plate like the one at Picholine.  The fior di latte sorbet was excellent despite how mozzarella flavored ice cream may sound.  The dessert also came with a rice-crispie-treat like garnish that really made the dessert.

Recommended: Crostata

Special savory recommendation: Brussels sprouts

A Voce is located in the Time Warner Center at 10 Columbus Circle

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  1. forget bombolini – a chocolate caramel tart with sorbet and sea salt… how could you *not* order that ?! sounds divine. and i love the rice krispie treat garnish too, how fun. hope all is well nico ! 🙂

  2. Hi Kerrin,

    I have been meaning to send you a note about your post from April about Macaron Day – “the new cupcake…” Site looks great these days – you have so many commenting followers too!

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