Sweetery NYC Truck beyond the cupcakes: Very good scones and brioches

The Sweetery NYC Truck cranberry scone

The Sweetery NYC Truck might be best known for their cupcakes (perhaps due to all their awesome high profile give aways) –but two of my favorite items  from them are their scones and brioches and it’s time they got some love.

Yesterday, I was passing by their main truck (it’s actually named “chopper”) before 9:00a.m. and knew the baked goods would be at their freshest so I scored a cranberry and apricot scone and an orange brioche-all three were excellent.  The cranberry scone in particular was really fresh.  It had a nice flaky texture, the kind that separates scones from “muffins-with-crust” that some nyc bakeries try to pass of as scones.  Another thing I liked about them is that they don’t skimp on the fruit content–both the apricot and cranberry had tons of real fruit bits inside.  $2.50 each.

Season pumpkin whoopie pies from the Streets Sweets Truck (in Sept!)

The Brioches (available in chocolate and orange) are also excellent.  You can’t go wrong with either flavor–so just go with your gut.  What’s I really like about these brioches is that they aren’t too sweet.  Especially the orange–if it weren’t for the sugar on top you might not even feel like you were eating cake for breakfast, which is a good thing. $3.50

Obviously, the The Sweetery NYC Truck also has some excellent dessert items such as whoopie pies that are actually moist.  They’re not only a favorite of DessertBuzz but also liked by a certain famous dessert judges.   The cookies are excellent too especially the flourless chocolate walnut.

The Sweetery NYC Truck (formerly SweatsTreats Truck) schedule is here.  Their menu is here.

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